The Facefaker’s Game

30251356-_uy400_ss400_Ashes lives in Burroughside, a filthy slum in the huge city of Teranis. His days are spent picking pockets and cheating at cards; his neighbors are gangs of fellow orphans, homeless madmen, and monsters that swarm the streets at nightfall. When he draws the wrath of Mr. Ragged, Burroughside’s brutal governor, he must flee for his life—only to be rescued by an enigmatic man named Candlestick Jack.

Jack leads a company of Artificers, professional magicians who can manipulate light with their bare hands. To Jack and his fellows, changing a face is as simple as changing a hat. Determined to escape Burroughside, Ashes seizes a chance to study magic with Jack—but all is not as it seems: Jack and his company lead a double life as thieves, and they want Ashes to join their next heist. Between lessons on magic and illusion, Ashes helps Jack prepare his most audacious caper yet…while also using his newfound skills in a private war with Mr. Ragged.

A dramatic adventure full of wit, charm, and scheming rogues, The Facefaker’s Game introduces an unforgettable world you won’t soon want to leave.

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