The Darkened Doors Short Story Bundle

Happy Halloween and/or Reformation Day, depending on what scares you!

In celebration of the spookiest of holidays (and also the door of Wittenberg’s venerable All Saints’ Church), I’ve put together a little bundle of short stories having to do with sanctuaries, and the things that threaten them—from outside, and from within.

It’s called The Darkened Doors, and hopefully it can distract you for half an hour from the monsters and/or children demanding entrance to your home.

Oh, and you can have it for free!

(Well, not quite free. You will need to surrender your email address. But after that, totally free!)

Just sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get a link to download the story bundle. I promise I won’t use your email except to let you know when there’s a new book out, or when I’m giving away free stuff.

Stay spooky, my friends.

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